New Zealand Law Society Library Canterbury
Julia de Friez

“Darren Rigden (A1 Book Restorer) has carried out book repair and binding work for the New Zealand Law Society Library, Canterbury since mid 2011. During this time we have found his bookbinding to be of exceptionally high standard. We appreciate Darren’s specialist knowledge and experience as an academic bookbinder, particularly his understanding of the special requirements relation to the binding of law books.

All of the binding work Darren has done for us has involved historic materials. His attention to fine detail, knowledge of materials and resourcefulness, has demonstrated his high level of expertise and a very high standard of workmanship. It would be difficult to find another binder in Canterbury who can provide work of similar quality with the skills to undertake the specialist book repair, binding and conservation work required by our law library.

All Darren’s work has been processed in a timely and efficient manner, without any issues whatsoever. We have found him to be very personable, well organized and absolutely reliable in all aspects of his work.

I do not hesitate to highly recommend Darren and his workmanship as a bookbinder.”

Glenn Haszard
South Sea Books

“I have known Darren Rigden for more than 10 years, during which time he has been my sole book repair tradesman. I operate a used book business called South Sea Books, with a stock of 2000 books. Darren has repaired and restored books for me to my satisfaction. I have found him to be thorough and professional in his work, and courteous and prompt in his conduct.”

A. Murray Island
Justice of the Peace

“In 2012, I submitted to Darren an exquisite book I had bought at an auction ‘Fairy Tales’ by Hans Christian Anderson, printed in 1872. The book was in poor condition. Loose pages caused the book to be unstable. The book is now a superb example of Darren’s excellent work.

The second example concerns a valuable historical letter I bought. I showed it to Darren as a matter of interest, so impressed by it, Darren produced a fine acid free A4 box, with an inscribed label, in which to store and protect the letter.

I am aware that Darren has had to make big adjustments to establish his workshop at home in the wake of the earthquakes. It is very gratifying to see his new quarters and I look forward to calling upon his services as and when needed.”


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